Thursday, August 26, 2010

OH the other thing

I almost forgot, pick of some shares of (e)QWERTY today and tomorrow because the weekend will be filled with activities and thus......BLOGGING!!

brettsir (e)QWERTY

I have a minute....

I looked over EA and couldnt find any rock solid picks in my ~2min of searching so, sorry :(

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stalling before more Algebra....

About the last post....i dont plan on dropping, im just saying..........

now time for the dreaded math :(

brettsir (e)QWERTY

OH by the way

Just a fyi, i WILL NOT let my stock drop below 45/share....i promise!!!!!!

brettsir (e)QWERTY

First day for everything....

Well i had all my hard classes today so i'm pretty bogged down....ie- no picks, no nothing (sorta).
Since today had all the hard/suckish classes that means tomorrow will be easy classes :D so pick up some (e)QWERTY while its cheap....and if your are good with Algebra please DM me on twitter!!  lol

Run and tell that!!!

brettsir (e)QWERTY

Monday, August 23, 2010

That stupid thing we call school....

Well its that dreaded time of year again....back to school season, and since my school is overly generous with winter and spring break we have to start school earlier. While this may sound fine it means me (e)QWERTY will not be able to make as many blog posts, tweets, or FB status updates....and sadly my stock will go down :( TRULY SADDENING.....BUT there is a way to make money off of this rise-and-fall trend.

My advice would be to buy (e)QWERTY on a thursday night or Friday morning, ride the gains caused by the weekend, and sell-out on monday or tuesday...then repeat. Another bit of advice would be to buy BEFORE this weekend because with all the plans i have it's sure to be epic!! 

I will try to put up at least one blog post a day, and as always i will be active on Twitter (Just after 2pm PST) and Facebook.

brettsir (e)QWERTY

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I am back

Back in action after a hectic (and price reducing) week.... if you sold out over the course of the week i would suggest you get back in cause (e)QWERTY is heading for the top!!!!

brettsir (e)QWERTY

Friday, August 13, 2010

Today's things

Ok guys I'm at the beach now so I'm not prepared to make any picks but I will try later.
For now head over to and check out the best realworld ad campaign EVER!!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Picks for the day of today :)

The stocks im liking are:
(e)GINA -She is new but is never been down and it doesn't look like she is going to lose value anytime soon.
(e)KYLE -New but seeing HUGE gains.

Now for you people who want a good insider tip, (e)MAX 's computer broke on tuesday so he will be inactive today, normally i don't do this but sell out of him NOW and buy back in around 10PST TONIGHT...if there are any changes i'll post them later! Have fun with this tip and use it wisely!!! :)

brettsir (e)QWERTY

Sorry about yesterday....

Sorry i completely forgot about my picks yesterday :( BUT don't worry i will have some really good ones today.
brettsir (e)QWERTY

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Todays picks are being calculated by (e)QWERTY Please stand by as post is being created...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Just head over to http://buybrett.blogspot.com  and check out the great deal (e)QWERTY is putting on!



Ok so todays picks are (e)QWERTY and (e)MAX .
Both of us are on long gaining streaks and we plan on continuing that!!
Get out there and get the 2 stocks that are sure to make you oddles of money! :)

brettsir (e)QWERTY

More shares!!!!

Just want to let you guys know (e)QWERTY now has 2500 shares for sale. Get out there and get one if the hottest stocks on EA!!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot Stocks for today

Hello everyone, the stock picks for today are-
(e)SQRL -A hot stock that was popularized because of the EAv Squirrel hunt, Expect a few more days of rising for him.  EDIT: (e)SQRL is now a class E stock, sorry :(
(e)MAX -MAX just keeps gaining and is rocketing off a long period of inactivity, BUT he has a limited amount of shares available right now (About 650~) so get to him quickly!

If you like this tip page or (e)QWERTY in general like the OFFICIAL fan page on Facebook over here-->

brettsir (e)QWERTY


(e)QWERTY is now officially sold out. Thanks to (e)JVH for getting the last 154 shares :)
I plan on getting the next upgrade in the upcoming days so stay tuned!!:]

brettsir (e)QWERTY

Sunday, August 8, 2010

That Squirrel

I just found the Squirrel and i thought some of you might want some help:)

step one-Buy some shares in (e)SQRL (i dont know if this affects if you can see him or not but just to be safe get some shares)

step two-Click where the arrows are...

step three- Soon the Squirrel will pop up in the area that i circled, click him as fast as possible if you miss him just try again, its that easy!!
Hope this helped,
brettsir (e)QWERTY


If you want you name to get out there or need some public awareness (e)QWERTY can help.
I will be participating in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon on Sept. 12. In order to participate i need to raise $175 for cancer research at children's Hospital Los Angeles. How do i plan on Raising $175?? SELLING MY BODY!!! For the low (AND TAX DEDUCTIBLE) Price of $10 you can OWN a piece of (e)QWERTY and personalize it with a message. This message could be "I LOVE YOU BRETT" or  "BUY ticker name here @ www.empireavenue.com/ticker" or whatever you want it to be. (Just no Vulgar words or statements please)

The website to donate is HERE.

Remember this is TAX-DEDUCATBLE and is going to a good cause.

New functionality added :)

Just want to give a quick shout out to (e)OL for making EAVify, if you want a piece of the action go to
brettsir (e)QWERTY
(e)QWERTY this is a test


(e)QWERTY this is a test


The Pick for today is (e)MAX he is seeing huge gains (like always) so check him out.

I'm deeply sorry

Im sorry for not posting anything for quite some time, my life has been hectic and now things are slowing down, as soon as I go home i will post some stuff. Again sorry (e)brettsir